Happy 454th Birthday – #PoetryMonth 2018 – April 23

Happy 454th Birthday
On April first I set an earnest goal,
A challenge to myself with no excuse,
To spark a dormant feeling in my soul
And summon from her slumber poet’s muse.

Each day through rain and shine, in night and morn,
In coffee shops or out in empty field
Afraid of neither ridicule nor scorn
I toiled, focused only on my yield.

Now twenty-three days in, I’m nearly done—
A day behind but steady in my pace.
It’s difficult but also lots of fun,
Which in the end I think is no disgrace.

I’ve got to hand it to that famous bard,
‘cuz writing all this poetry is hard.

Poetry Month 2018
I’ve resolved a few times to write a poem a day during the month of April, and I actually succeeded once. I’m again trying it out. No idea what each day will bring. Some light verse, some politics, some “oh shit I didn’t write anything today” haikus. If you read one and feel moved to comment, please do. If you want to share your poetry, please share!
PS: Today’s poem prompt was provided by Robin, who reminded me of Shakespeare’s birthday
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