Marriage – #PoetryMonth 2018 – April 18 (written April 20)

I pull weeds, sweating
under my shirt,
tiny stones grinding
divots into my knees

with my trowel I gouge the earth
It’s important
to get below the surface
all the way to the root

after all this work
I don’t want these weeds
to grow back
even though others
will surely sprout
to take their place

the yard looks tidy
from the street
crisply edged lawn
smoothly trimmed shrub
weedless gaps
between conspicuously intentional blooms

the yard looks tidy
from the street

the way it’s expected to

and I wonder if the neighbors
know how much sweat
you and I have dripped
into our tidy suburban display

Poetry Month 2018
I’ve resolved a few times to write a poem a day during the month of April, and I actually succeeded once. I’m again trying it out. No idea what each day will bring. Some light verse, some politics, some “oh shit I didn’t write anything today” haikus. If you read one and feel moved to comment, please do. If you want to share your poetry, please share!
PS: Today’s poem prompt was provided by weeds
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